Active officer of the Canadian Armed Forces

Soldiers and non-commissioned personnel who are registered for entire army duty are referred to as Regular Force Members. Students enrolled in full-time studies are included (like Regular Officer Training Program).

The Primary Reserve (serving in one of 3 levels of service – A, B, or C), the Canadian Rangers, and the Cadet Organization Administrative and Training Service make up the Reserve Force.


Active or Reserve Force soldier of the Canadian Armed Forces who has finished Basic Military Training and received an honorable discharge from the Canadian Armed Forces.


The member’s spouse or common-law partner who generally lives with the soldier at his or her service station or who, if residing apart, does so for military reasons;

A family relative, married relative, common-law companion, legally adopted relative or another relative who is regularly living with the individual and for whom the officer may receive a standard deduction under the Income Tax Act;

A kid who is usually residing with the soldier and for whom the soldier would be entitled to a standard deduction under the Income Tax Act if the kid were a close relative, married, in a common-law partnership, adopted legitimately, or for whom the supporter has acknowledged complete financial obligation and begun adoption litigation;

A kid or legal child of the wife or common-law partners, as well as a member who is unmarried and under the age of 26 who is enrolled full-time in university or college; and

A member of the family who lives with the member continuously but is not considered a dependant under the Income Tax Act because the member of the family gets a stipend.

Family of a Former Member of the Canadian Armed Forces Family members as stated above, as well as the families of the departed (surviving spouses, common-law partners, and children). Covers parents/guardians for departed members without beneficiaries as defined above.