The Royal Canadian Legion is dedicated to assisting homeless Veterans and their families. For homeless veterans and those who are at risk of becoming homeless, there are provincial and national initiatives that provide financial aid and support.

The initiatives of the Royal Canadian Legion to avoid and end veteran homelessness.

What we can do to assist

Legion Command Service Officers have been prepared to support with the ones that follow:

A veteran on the Streets Seeking appropriate housing: Legion Provincial Commands collaborate with Veterans Affairs Canada, shelters, and civic groups to get Soldiers off the streets and into emergency and/or long-term housing.

Cash support: The Poppy Fund provides home support in the form of financial help for the first and last month’s rental, rent charges, and furniture.

Branches and commands across the country also fund a variety of efforts to assist homeless and near-homeless Soldiers in their areas. Legion supporters are the “ground troops,” assisting homeless and near-homeless Soldiers to obtain the care they need through outreach activities, working with local groups and first rescuers to locate and recommend Soldiers to the Legion, and assisting food and housing programs.

“Leave the Streets Behind” is a program run by the Legion.

The Legion’s nationwide homeless Veterans initiative, “Leave the Streets Behind,” began in Ontario Command. The goal of the initiative is to seek out homeless veterans and those who are in danger of becoming homeless and offer them upfront cash aid and assistance. It also links them to social and community agencies to help them find a long-term solution to their problems.

While the “Leave the Streets Behind” program is only accessible in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta/North West Territories, British Columbia/Yukon, Nova Scotia/Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick, the Legion provides care and resources to homeless and near-homeless Veterans and their families all over the country.