Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) use the Personnel Support Programs (PSP) summertime day camp as part of their home treatment plan during the summer season. Parks and leisure play a significant part in residents’ mental and physical health rehabilitation, as well as in neighborhood economic revitalization.

PSP ran 107 weeks of the program at 13 sites last summer. The project, funded by Scotiabank, resulted in the hiring of 35 staff with special needs training and the participation of 102 kids from military families in the summer program.

Sandra Odendahl, Scotiabank’s Vice President of Social Impact & Sustainability, states, “We are happy to aid Support Our Troops by connecting together military families and services for kids with special needs in a joyful environment like youth camp.” “At Scotiabank, we believe that variety strengthens us at all ages.” That’s why we’re so committed to establishing a camp experience that is barrier-free and welcoming to all military families.”

Despite the fact that this year’s camper group was fewer than past years due to COVID-19, the feedback we’ve earned from engaging families about the peace of mind and feeling of normal life they were ready to restart in their residences as a result of this system has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Each year in Shilo, my son Chase has joined a PSP youth camp. He had no pals and was frequently taunted when we initially started going to the Active Skillz camp. I understand he wasn’t the simplest kid to deal with, but seeing him grow and make buddies over the summers has been incredible!”

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