Military life presents many difficulties for parents, particularly those who have kids with additional needs. These issues have been worsened by the epidemic, which has resulted in the cancellation or danger of several projects.

Master Warrant Officer Jennifer Bell has been in the Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal since 1983. Together with her husband, Sgt. Bill Mahar, they are a part-time professor and a current reservist. Jennifer is the mom of 2 grown children, Erin, 21, and Robin, 25, who has autism, in addition to her professional achievements.

The program helped the Bell family afford Robin’s attendance in a 4-week family-run initiative.

Robin had been alone at their house for months.  Notwithstanding the COVID-19 constraints, the award allowed him to be in his neighborhood and securely engage with others. As parents, it gave us peace of mind and the assurance that our child was in a safe and caring setting while we worked from home, according to Master Warrant Officer Jennifer Bell.

She also mentioned that there are few programs for special adults, so the idea that this service is offered to households like theirs is significant. We’d like to express our gratitude to Support Our Troops for such wonderful support, she added.

It’s difficult to find programming for folks with exceptional needs. This military family was thankful that Support Our Troops was able to assist their son in surviving the epidemic.

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