What is Canadian Forces Support?

Canadian Forces Support is the Canadian Armed Forces’ registered charity organization, as well as a certified donee of Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada. Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services are in charge of it.

The issuance of grants and loans to veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) sector, charitable donation campaigns, and business public outreach and collaborations are all major components of Canadian Forces Support.

Canadian Forces Support gives direct monetary assistance and support to CAF soldiers, veteran, and their families in a variety of critical and often life-changing measures that are not available through standard government financing.

What is your governance structure?

Canadian Forces Support are part of the Morale and Welfare Services of the Canadian Forces (CFMWS).

The Non-Public Property Board is an advisory committee that advises the Chief of Defence Staff on his Non-Public Property to facilitate effective monitoring. The NPP Board is in charge of providing overarching strategic direction for all actions involving Non-Public Funds. The Board is responsible for overseeing NPP’s accounting activities, approving guidelines for NPP operations, and providing policy guidance for the Canadian Forces Central Fund (CFCF), which was formed as the main resource for all NPP pursuits.

Why would the armed forces of Canada have to get charitable financing?

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognizes the kindness of people and firms who assist the specific needs and exceptional situations that occur for people and families due to the conditions of service in the military, much as schools and hospitals do.

Private donors (11%) and corporate donations (8%), institutions (17%), third-party crowdfunding activities (18%), CAF signature activities (Navy Bike Ride, Army Run, and Air Force Run) (21%), moves from revenues (20%), and Yellow Ribbon goods revenue and collaborations (20%) assistance programs to alleviate the difficult situations connected with active duty (5 percent ). Canadian Forces Support does not accept any financing or subsidies from the authorities.